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I vantaggi del materiale sintetico (polipropilene) sono notevoli:

Do plastic and polypropylene pollute?

With its recyclability and the absence of any painting (the colour is already a feature of the raw material) and the great energy savings during its manufacture (-93% energy during production), Harmos is developed and produced in total respect of the environment.

What are polypropylene radiators like aesthetically?

During our research, together with the environmental aspect, we have carefully studied the design, aesthetics, functionality, practicality and safety. These features mean that HARMOS is really cutting edge, innovative and certified in the heating market.

Is plastic safe?

Over the last 30 years, synthetic materials have become increasingly important in the building and plumbing sectors, and today it is difficult to find a site where they are not used; examples of this are the heating and hot and cold mains water supplies (Polyethylene HD, crosslinked polyethylene, polibutylene, polypropylene, PVC, polyphenylsulphone etc.) with unquestionable technical success and considerable advantages.

What are the futuristic innovations and special features of the product?

Unbeatable light weight and easy mounting; completely recyclable; antistatic properties prevent the deposit of dust; heating and hygienic performance that remain constant thanks to the lack of algae and limescale in the water ducts; rust-proof; no seals, which are a frequent cause of leaks, noises and dripping in metal radiators; resistance to saline corrosion; modularity means the radiator can be adapted to any space; safety of the shockproof system; no environmental toxicity caused by irradiation as the product is not painted.

So, just how does it work?

Thanks to the special (patented) characteristics of the water flow these contemporary eco-radiators reach the desired temperature very quickly, reducing costs and increasing comfort levels, another exclusive feature of our radiators; all the elements of the heat-welded radiator battery are heated simultaneously and uniformly; the absence of air and dust currents means that every element has the same temperature giving a unique sensation of wellbeing.